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Add:Home > Products List > Car Diagnostic Scanners > Launch X431 Scanner  
Original Launch X431 V+ & X431 HD heavy duty 10.1
No.: launch101
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Authorized Agent for  Sell: 

Launch X-431 V+  With Launch Heavy Duty Truck Module 

Can Support:  Truck/HeavyDuty/Construction Vehicles Diagnosis
Also Support:  Car Diagnosis from: World Car Model Coverage

Free update via internet for 2 year with Global Version and support  Multi-Langage

What is advantange of X431 V+?
    X-431 V+ taking the advantage of mobile internet, can share maintenance data and case library, provide instant maintenance information, and build public and private maintenance social circle,etc.,thus lead to wide car diagnostic community.   It is a typical diagnostic device contributed by Launch to diagnostic industry concerning internet application. Launch X431 V+ with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system, is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for internet application. X-431 V+ completely substitutes X431 IV and X431 Diagun III.
X431 V+ Highlight:
    1. THE MOST ADVANCED UI: Utilizes Android 7.1 to provide you with an easy to use interface that has powerful functions, quick auto scanning and vehicle diagnosis, and a touch screen user interface that is easy to learn
    2. BEST HARDWARE: The Launch X431 V+ is the newest version of the X431 standard and is the successor to the V, IV and X431 Diagun III versions. This model has a higher hardware configuration, larger storage capacity, faster processor, latest display technology (10 inch capacitive touch screen), and bigger battery for a longer use time between recharging
    3. WIRELESS CONVENIENCE: With a Bluetooth OBDII connector module& wifh function, you can wirelessly communicate directly with any vehicle. Since you do not need to be wired into the dashboard when using the Launch X431 V+, you are now free to run the scanning, repair and diagnostic tests while you are working under the hood or while doing other maintenance tasks at your workbench
    4. POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Maintenance Recommendations, Special Repair Functions
    5. DIAGNOSTIC TOOL FOR EVERY SITUATION: Supports over 86 car brands and 220 car models from America, Europe, Asia
X431 V+ Functions:
1. Diagnose:
    1).Can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and Chinese. Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, Special functions etc;
    2).Specially designed for Android platform with clear and user-friendly interface;
    3).Via Bluetooth, it is simple for DBScar diagnostic connector tocommunicate with X-431 V+;
    4).Equipped with an exclusive X-431 V+ protection sleeve to prevent it from being damaged;
    5).support system:Engine,A/T,ABS, SRS, electronic control system,body control system,vehicle theft  eterrent,instrument panel cluster,radio
2. Browser:     built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely;
3. Email: allows you to send and receive email. External POP3 or IMAP email account for some common Web email service provider can be added;
4. Search: enables you to locate your target quickly and conveniently;
5. File Manager: with it, you can manage the files or downloaded files stored in SD card efficiently;
6. Settings: to configure your personalized X-431 V+ through it;
7. Other additional functions: alarm, calendar and calculator etc.
8. Applications: Other android based applications can be customized to install or uninstall.
9. Social Network Service: Built-in Social Network Service allows access to diagnostic community
10. One-click update  online by Wi-Fi
11. Remote diagnosis & maintenance: work with golo(optional golo,Purchased separately)
12. Print Diagnostic Result: Optional (Wi-Fi),and you can order the LAUNCH X431 Mini WIFI Printer(Purchased separately)
13. Extended Trucks diagnostic functions: Optional LAUNCH X431 HD Truck Module,you can Purchased X431 HD separately and free update trucks diagnostic software to diagnostic trucks.(if you are order the x431 HD and work with X431 V+,your LAUNCH X431 V+ will be Expanded into a petrol cars and diesel trucks 2 in 1 diagnostic device.)

New X431 V+ Hardware:

Operating system:   Android 7.1
CPU:    Quad-core 1.4GHz processor
Battery:   7000mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Memory:   2 GB
Storage capacity:   16GB(Can Up To 128GB)
LCD:   10.1 inch(HD IPS)
LCD resolution:   1280*800
Touch screen:   Capacitive touch screen
Cameras:   5.0 mega pixels rear
Wi-Fi:   Support 802.11a/b/g/h
Bluetooth:   Supported
Working temperature:   0C - 45C
Storage temperature:   -20C - 70C
Diagnostic Connector:

Working voltage:   9-18V
Average working current:   About 25mA
Standby current:   About 35mA
Working temperature:   -20 to 55
Storage temperature:   -30 to 70
Storage humidity:   <80%
Working humidity:   <60% 

Heavy Duty Truck Brand Support List: 

1  WP_DIESEL(潍柴)  
 2  HD_BOSCH(博世)  
 3  DACHAI(大柴)  
 4  HD_ZHONGTONG(中通客车)  
 5  AUTOSEARCH(AutoSearch) 
 6  HD_ABS(HD_ABS系统)  
 7  HD_FUSO(扶桑)  
 9  HD_RENAULT(雷诺重型车)  
 10  DAF(达夫)  
 11  HD_IVECO(依维柯重型车)  
 12  HD_HINO(日野)  
 13  HD_IRISBUS(伊萨客车)  
 14  FAWJIEFANG(一汽解放)  
 15  HD_SCR(重卡后处理系统)  
 16  CUMMINS(康明斯)  
 17  MACK(马克重型车)  
 18  HD_OBD(重型车标准)  
 19  HD_SUNLONG(申龙客车)  
 20  SHANGCHAI(上柴)  
 21  HD_HYUNDAI(现代重型车)  
 22  YUCHAI(玉柴)  
 23  DFL(东风商用车)  
 24  HD_GOLDENDRAGON(金旅客车)  
 25  HD_HIGER(海格客车)  
 26  HD_CHAOCHAI( 朝柴)  
 27  HD_XICHAI( 锡柴)  
 28  HD_ISUZU(五十铃重型车)  
 29  HD_QUANCHAITY(全柴)  
 30  SCANIA(斯堪尼亚)  
 31  HD_YUFENG(东风御风)  
 32  HD_BONLUCK(百路佳)  
 33  HD_YANGCHAI(扬柴发动机)  
 34  JAC_HD(江淮重卡)  
 35  HD_IRIZAR(伊利萨尔)  
 36  HD_SETRA(赛特拉)  
 37  SINOTRUK(中国重汽)  
 38  HD_BENZ(奔驰重型车)  
 39  HD_NEOPLAN(尼奥普兰)  
 40  HD_MAN(曼)  
 41  HD_SUNWIN(申沃客车)  
 42  UD(UD卡车)  
 43  FOTONAUMAN(福田欧曼)  
 44  HD_MACHINERY(工程机械)  
 45  HD_VOLVO(沃尔沃重型车)  
 46  HD_DEMO(重卡演示软件)  
 47  HD_JMC(重型车江铃)  
 50  HD_INTERNATIONAL(万国重型车)  
 51  HD_WESTERN_STAR(西星重型车)  
 52  HD_FREIGHTLINER(福莱纳重型车)  
 53  HD_ASHOK_LEYLAND(阿斯霍克雷兰德)  
 54  HD_STERLING(斯特林重型车)  
 55  HD_KENWORTH(肯沃斯重型车)  
 56  HD_CATERPILLAR(卡特彼勒(重型车))  
 58  DS_USAFORD(美国福特(柴油))  

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